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ICON Drive Services are registered NDIS Specialist Driver Trainers, providing dedicated and empathy based driver education to NDIS participants. Call us to find out more.

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Honestly 10/10. Not only an amazing instructor, who taught me how to be safe on the roads, and how to drive properly (test worthy and beyond), but someone I always felt comfortable with, could have a relaxed conversation with, while still learning. Matt is someone who didn't make me feel bad if I made a mistake, and taught me until I knew properly, and had me pass my test with flying colours. He is funny, nice, warm, and welcoming. I couldn't recommend anyone better. If you want to be an amazing driver, learn a lot, but still feel a happy human experience, go with Matt. Couldn't be more grateful to learn from him.


Matt is one of the most loyal and kind people I have met. He is so easy going, and is great at helping in ways to not only pass my driving test, but to teach me the finer points of driving safely. He makes you feel at ease and knows what he is talking about. Overall I highly recommend Matt as a driving instructor.


Dear Michael, Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and passionate driving instructor. It has been a pleasure learning with you.


Michael, thank you so much for being such a wonderful driving instructor. I have become more comfortable with driving, and increased my knowledge and awareness of road safety. I really appreciate your wit and patience, which really helped me to relax. I now have a confidence in my driving that is thanks to you.


Thanks Matt for being such a cool instructor. 100% helped me through getting my license first time. Highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for an instructor.


My experience with Matt was excellent. Matt covered everything I needed to help with my test, and made it easy for me to remember the key points that will help me stay safe on the road. I will definitely recommend giving Matt a call if you need lessons. Thanks Matt, appreciate everything you did for me.


Thank you Rita. You have assisted me greatly. I appreciate all of the support, it’s absolutely amazing and something I will share with everyone because this is a fantastic service you provide to NDIS participants, and learner drivers in general.


Big thank you to Michael my driving instructor, for an excellent job ,refreshing my driving knowledge and teaching me to drive with my hands in a modified vehicle. Thank you again Michael for excellent and professional job. King regards Danny!

Jack O'Connor

Just got my 'P's at Dande VicRoads with Matt. Hands down the best instructor. He helped me improve so many different skills to make the test day as calm and easy as possible. And it was! Definitely giving all my mates Matt's details, so he can help more people improve their driving and get their 'P's with confidence.


My daughter got her license with Matt. Great instructor, excellent service. Big thanks!!!


My 16 year son had 4 lessons with Matt when starting on his L’s. Really helped him get early confidence. Matt is very patient and calm instructor who explains everything well. Have already booked more lessons


My daughter got her licence today . Matt is an amazing instructor and is so patient . Thank you from us both. Maddison is so happy


Just got my license today. Highly recommend


Hey people, Very highly recommend Matt and Michael, great instructors, they know what they are doing. My son got his license with Matt. Don’t go anywhere else


Just passed my license test with Matt, he is an absolute legend. Best teacher, highly recommend

The Shiftleft

Awesome driving school

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