License Test

Be prepared, ready and safe.

To drive on the roads, everyone needs a license, and that means a lot of learning, and being tested on your knowledge and skills. ICON Drive Services will help you throughout the process. Your instructor will advise you on what you need to do, and when your ready to take your driving test.

The practical driving test is the last step in getting your license, but there are few other steps that need to be completed before you book your final test:

  1. Complete your Learner Logbook: You must have a minimum of 120 hours correctly recorded, including a minimum of 20 hours night driving.
  2. Book the Hazard Perception Test: To complete the Hazard Perception Test, you must be 17 years and 11 months of age or over, and you must pass this component prior to attempting the practical driving test.
  3. Book the Practical Driving Test: The last step in the process is passing the practical driving test (Govt. fees apply).

Lessons will ensure you are prepared and ready to get your license. Your instructor will assess you to make sure you have the skills and knowledge to not only pass, but, be a safe driver for life.

By constantly assessing and fine tuning your abilities, the final driving test will become easier to complete, with less stress,with the outcome you want.

ICON Drive Services offer a number of pre-test lesson options for the day of your test, and as everyone is different, these options can be discussed with your instructor, or contact us on 0416 087 618 for further information.